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For general inquiries please feel free to email us at, or use this contact form.
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US Phone: 1(609) 945-0710
Bahamas Phone: 1(242) 334-8552

If you are interested in any of our ongoing research programs or you are a scientist interested in coming down for field work, please contact Aaron Shultz.

If you would like to visit for an educational program, please email

The Cape Eleuthera Foundation, the funding body of the Cape Eleuthera Institute, is a registered US non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The mission of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation (CEF) is to provide charitable funding support for place-based education, scientific research, community leadership, and sustainable technologies in order to move toward a more livable future on the island of Eleuthera and throughout the world. If you are interested in supporting the foundation and its work please contact the Director of the Cape Eleuthera Foundation, Chris Maxey.

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