Senior Students (Re) Visit CEI!

The week of May 20th we had four senior students Ian, Kyle, Annie & Cyrus, join us at CEI to work on their senior projects. Three of the four students were Island School alumni and returned to this place where they had learned so much about the marine environment and ‘living well in a place’. Cyrus said that he came to “expand [his] horizons, experience a breadth of marine research and see the world through a different lens.”senior projects

The students spent time learning about and helping with three of our research projects – shark research, lionfish research and beach plastic pollution. They had opportunities to work with local students at the Deep Creek Middle School, capture lionfish, scuba dive (Cyrus completed his Open Water Certification here!) and relax at local beaches and restaurants.

Kyle, Annie, Cyrus and Ian will all share what they learned here at CEI with their schools back home through presentations and papers. These students, who are all heading off to college this fall, will continue on their path of ‘learning to live sustainably in a place’ and we all wish them well in their first year of university. Hope to see you all again!

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