Deep Creek Primary School “Eating Garden” Update

At the end of April, over 40 local community members, from Deep Creek and surrounding settlements, joined CEI’s gardening crew to help them collect seaweed and Casuarina needles for the garden. The seaweed and pine needles will be used as mulch to help protect plants from the hot weather. Seaweed also enriches the soil, acting as a natural fertilizer. It is a great use of local resources to help the garden continue to thrive!

Cape Eleuthera Institute Deep Creek Primary Garden
Miss Sweeting and some local students take a dip in Red Bay after working on the DC Primary “Eating Garden”

After all of the containers were filled, it was time for a well deserved dip in the ocean and some swimming lessons. The primary school has expressed interest in future swimming lessons for the summer that CEI is currently trying to organize.

Huge thanks goes out to Luanette, Alexio, Britney, James, Grace, Georgie, Brendan, Adrian & Alannah, who all came out and helped support the Deep Creek Primary ‘Eating Garden’ trip to Red Bay.

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