Research Assistant Project Update- Isobel Flake

Isobel Flake, research assistant for the Lionfish Research and Education Program, has been working on a research project during her time at CEI. Here she describes her research:

Like many programs at CEI, the Lionfish Research and Education Program is constantly occupied with fieldwork, data entry, the Island School research class, and miscellaneous other projects.  With so little excess time, the program rarely has the chance to get involved with local communities.  For this reason, I decided to focus my efforts on community outreach and education by creating lionfish signs for my independent project.  Ideally posted in 19 locations across the island, I plan to have these signs posted at community gathering areas such as docks, marinas, and/or community centers.  The signs offer information including history of the lionfish invasion in the western Atlantic, why they pose such concerning threats, and what people can do to help.  The goals for this project are not only to increase awareness, but also to encourage local consumption of the tasty invasive.Lionfish research team

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